When speaking with Ed about this "About the Artist" page, he asked me if he could just quote a line from a song. It is a song from his own band, 3rdrail. He said it encapsulates his feelings behind the birth of this site.
"This is my chance to do something other than give in..."
This site is 100% Ed. His original paintings need to be viewed in person. They speak from his soul. He has a small team who is passionate about working towards building Ed as "the brand" and eager to get his artistic vision out there for everyone to see.
We will never have enough people who use their talents as a vessel to bring more light into the world. 
He has been painting since he was young. His grandmother was a painter, and she sent him on the creative path early. She used to send him drawings on thin paper so he could trace her lines and practice.
Ed has done art and design for bands, murals and signage for large companies, art for MMA fighters, and now he can add Pro Wrestlers to the list! He has made multiple custom skateboards for All Elite Wrestling Superstar Darby Allin, the hottest pro wrestler around. Ed's skateboard was used live on TNT, and the T-shirt Ed made for Darby was used as the art on the skateboard for the brand new AEW Unrivaled Darby Allin Wrestling Figure (Available at Wal-Mart SOON) 
Thank you for your support!
"The video below came out almost 10 years ago. I have painted hundreds of pieces since this, the goal is the same. The only huge difference between now and then is that I have 2 more beautiful kids, 10 more years of painting and design experience, and that I've truly found my voice. My Bassett hound, Gus is no longer with us. One day I'll paint him. Not ready yet." -Ed